Sunday, October 10, 2010

Novice In-House

CDS is having our novice in-house tournament this Saturday, October 16th. We'll be sending out an email in advance asking you to register. If you have a partner, great. If not, no worries; we'll pair you up with another novice. We ask every team to have at least one case between the two of you, preferably more. If you have any questions about a case, feel free to email any of the board or come to office hours (those will be announced soon).

The In-House will essentially be a very abridged take on a normal APDA tournament. We'll have three rounds, with breaks for novice finals. Gov/Opp will be assigned randomly, though no one will have to Gov more than twice. Teams are paired randomly the first round, high-low within brackets afterward. So if you win your first round with speaks of 26 each and you're the highest-speaking team within the 1-0 bracket, then you'll hit another 1-0 team the next round who had the lowest combined speaker points for the 1-0 bracket. Your judges understand if you're still learning the ropes or adjusting to the format, and they should offer you some constructive feedback afterward.

Results, including top speakers, will be announced at a party later in the evening. The party is fun. Don't miss it.